Urge Opens Storefront with Houzz

22 July 2016

This week, Urge launched its own storefront with Houzz. Featuring interior design products and tools, Houzz.com will now also feature Urge's Head-Header and 3D Puzzle collections.

"Everyone here at Urge is excited for this partnership," notes Jon Lucas, president of Urge and UrgeGear.com. "We've been working with Houzz's staff for a while now to put this offering together, and we couldn't be happier with the result."

Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, providing customers with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish. One feature of the Houzz mobile app...

Urge Partners with ModernLook

25 March 2016

Urge is very excited to announce its latest partnership with ModernLook. By taking the pop-up store concept into the digital realm, ModernLook is quickly becoming the top destination for the uncommon.

Having also formed in 2015, ModernLook brings Urge's 3D puzzles to their exclusive membership in a way that showcases the thoughtfulness that goes into every one of Urge's designs. The initial flash sale for the 3D puzzles will last for seven days, but Urge looks forward to growing along side the emerging product curator.

ModernLook is headquartered in the heart of Miami's Design District, where art and fashion...

President's Letter: Winter 2015

29 December 2015

The Rustbelt was once the cradle of America's industrial strength, spanning from Pennsylvania to Minnesota. As globalization gave way to alternative manufacturing options for companies, that strength began to erode away throughout the 20th century. In recent years, many of the cities within the Rustbelt have experienced a renaissance, proving that the integrity and might that once distinguished this region was not just a moment in history, but instead a fundamental quality of American industry.

At Urge, we are inspired by this renaissance period. We hope to add our two cents through our passion for unique designs that...

Urge Partners with UrbanDaddy

20 October 2015

During the latter half of October, members of UrbanDaddy will have access to Urge's 3D puzzle collection at an exclusive discount. UrbanDaddy is a lifestyle media company, focused on the intersection between hyper-relevant content and digital innovation. Their free online magazine is devoted to keeping you in the know and gives its subscribers access to products at exclusive discounts.

"We're very excited to launch this partnership with UD," said Jon Lucas, president of Urge. "Some of their current partners and clients include Heineken, Lexus, Tanqueray, and Virgin America—we're in good company."

In addition to their loyal readership...

Urge Goes International

15 October 2015

Urge has partnered with French specialty retailer QoQa to bring their 3D stainless steel puzzles to France and Belgium. In a one-day, "blue light" special, people who are looking for something new and creative can pick up a 3D puzzle on QoQa's website at a special discount price.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to sell in Europe," noted Jon Lucas, president of Urge. "QoQa's business is to give their customers access to products that are not sold on the French market. The feedback from QoQa has been really positive, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."