Urge Rallies "Gearhead" Community Through Passion and Design

13 May 2015

Auto and Aviation Enthusiasts Turn Their Obsession Into Business

Cleveland, OH – A Cleveland-based start-up is combining passion with design to bring its customers a unique way of expressing their interests. The creators behind Urge, and UrgeGear.com, built the company out of respect for quality craftsmanship, rugged character, and unwavering creativity. Featuring products centered around cars, aviation, and home design, UrgeGear.com curates and designs their goods to draw focus back to a time when "wrenching" on your car was a true art form.

"We wanted to focus on the lifestyle of 'gearheads' while still capturing the rugged qualities of autos and aviation," notes Jon Lucas, president of Urge. "Growing up, my father was always in the garage fixing our cars or tinkering on something, so there's a nostalgic aspect that we think a lot of people will identify with as well."

While Urge only operates through their website, co-founders Ron Fuller and Geoff Masters point out that this is by design: "Urge is all about uniting gearheads and other people with similar passions," says Ron. "We think that enthusiasts everywhere should have access to our gear, so the online store makes sense. We all have these products in our own homes and garages, so we're excited to make them available to a larger community."

One such product is the so-called "Head-Header," which all three agree is the most unique product available at Urge to-date. The Head-Header is a toilet paper holder, paper towel holder, or towel bar that resembles the headers on a Chevy small block or Ford engine. Jon notes that it is perfect for the man cave, or even to put shop towels on in your garage: "I gave my father one of the first paper towel Head-Headers for his birthday—every time his buddies are in the garage with him, they go crazy over it."

UrgeGear.com continues to be updated daily with new and creative products that allow auto and aviation enthusiasts to express their passion. Primarily offering products that are built out of stainless steel, Urge strives to design and create them to meet the expectations of gearheads who demand rugged, durable quality.

"Ultimately, we hope to be the destination for people who want to find unique and well-built things either for themselves or as a gift for someone else," adds Geoff.

For more information, visit www.urgegear.com. Follow Urge on Facebook at fb.com/urgegear.

About Urge:
Urge is a company based in Cleveland, OH, helping you find stuff you never knew you wanted for your man cave, garage, hangar, and home. Founded in 2015, Urge strives to bring you products that allow you to show off your interests and obsessions to the outside world.

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