Red Ferret Reviews 3D Puzzles

11 August 2015

Urge's 3D puzzles received a wonderful review Tuesday morning from The Red Ferret, a website dedicated to curating and publishing news on innovative tech and gadgets. Below is an excerpt of their publication:

"Most of the time puzzles [like these] are made from cardboard or, if you're lucky, some sort of pressed wood board. But not the Urge 3D puzzles—these beauties are cut from stainless steel.

"Like most puzzles of this type, a great many of them are dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. Out of the six possible options, half of them are from periods long past. The Styracosaurus, Allosaurus, and Saber Tooth Tiger have all gone to the long sleep. The other three options are of the creepy crawly variety, including the Fly, Spider, and Dragonfly.

"3D puzzles are great for adults and children alike. Besides looking really cool, they can also be great teaching tools on how to the bodies of various animals fit together, usually in a skeletal format. What makes these so great is that with their stainless steel parts, this puzzle is far sturdier than the ones you can usually pick up at museum shops."

To view the full article, visit The Red Ferret.

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