Urge Goes International

15 October 2015

Urge has partnered with French specialty retailer QoQa to bring their 3D stainless steel puzzles to France and Belgium. In a one-day, "blue light" special, people who are looking for something new and creative can pick up a 3D puzzle on QoQa's website at a special discount price.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to sell in Europe," noted Jon Lucas, president of Urge. "QoQa's business is to give their customers access to products that are not sold on the French market. The feedback from QoQa has been really positive, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

QoQa was established in 2008 with a focus on creative sales and unique products. They search all across the globe for products that are not yet available on the European market to give their followers an entirely new shopping experience.

Editor's Note: This sale is only available to customers in France and Belgium for 24 hours, beginning at 0:00 CEST on October 15, 2015.

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