Urge Partners with ModernLook

25 March 2016

Urge is very excited to announce its latest partnership with ModernLook. By taking the pop-up store concept into the digital realm, ModernLook is quickly becoming the top destination for the uncommon.

Having also formed in 2015, ModernLook brings Urge's 3D puzzles to their exclusive membership in a way that showcases the thoughtfulness that goes into every one of Urge's designs. The initial flash sale for the 3D puzzles will last for seven days, but Urge looks forward to growing along side the emerging product curator.

ModernLook is headquartered in the heart of Miami's Design District, where art and fashion meet. Since its inception, ModernLook has gained media attention in GQ, Men's Journal, NBC and LA Confidential.

For more information, visit ModernLook.com.


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