Trend Inc Magazine, Urge Announce Partnership

21 September 2015

On Saturday, September 19, Trend Inc Magazine announced Urge as their most recent brand partner. Trend Inc is an entertainment, technology, and style magazine that scours the globe for the best of what's next. Some of their current brand partners include TITIN, ReVault, Lumo, and Ecoisme.

"Urge first grabbed our attention with their 3D stainless steel puzzles," wrote Trend Inc magazine. "There's a certain austere beauty that resonates from stainless steel, and our friends at Urge continue...

Red Ferret Reviews 3D Puzzles

11 August 2015

Urge's 3D puzzles received a wonderful review Tuesday morning from The Red Ferret, a website dedicated to curating and publishing news on innovative tech and gadgets. Below is an excerpt of their publication:

"Most of the time puzzles [like these] are made from cardboard or, if you're lucky, some sort of pressed wood board. But not the Urge 3D puzzles—these beauties are cut from stainless steel.

"Like most puzzles of this type, a great many of them are dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. Out of the six possible options, half of them are from periods long past. The Styracosaurus,...

3D Puzzles Featured on Gear Blog

10 August 2015

Urge's 3D stainless steel puzzles were recently featured on the popular gear blog "IWasteSoMuchMoney.com." The IWSMM community was partial to the Allosaurus and Styracosaurus designs, which have been popular following the latest Jurassic Park installment. But regardless of which designs "coolectors" prefer, we're excited to have our puzzles added to the wish lists of enthusiasts around the world.

IWasteSoMuchMoney.com provides a curated collection of items to waste your money on. To view Urge's 3D puzzles feature, check out the post here.

TouchOfModern Sale is a Success

20 July 2015

During an exclusive 5-day event, TouchOfModern featured Urge’s stainless steel 3D puzzles. The California-based curator of cool brings new products to its members every day, featuring the latest in technology, fashion, design, and leisure. Most popular among the 3D puzzles were the Allosaurus and Styracosaurus designs, riding on the heels of the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. The sale brought many new eyes to Urge’s online storefront, bolstering its presence and establishing Urge as a brand that offers high-quality, well-built designs that value craftsmanship and ingenuity over the mainstream.

Following the success of the TouchOfModern event,...

GearHungry Features Head-Headers

12 June 2015

GearHungry.com, one of the top digital magazines for all things awesome, recently featured our Head-Headers in their publication. Joining side by side with other products curated from hundreds of magazines, blogs, retailers, and other product compendiums, Urge's flagship product gained the attention of thousands of readers.

To visit GearHungry, and to read their feature of the Head-Headers, click here.