3D Puzzles

Dragonfly 3D Puzzle

Dragonfly 3D Puzzle
Believe it or not, Dragonflies are considered predators in the insect world. Known for their strong, agile flight, early predecessors of the Dragonfly had wingspans up to 30 inches. The Dragonfly 3D Puzzle is laser-cut out of stainless steel, featuring intricate detail and a smooth finish. Perfect for young and old alike, this challenging puzzle is sure to pique the curiosity of admirers.

Built as you would've built it, out of pure stainless steel.

Dimensions: 11" x 11.5" (assembled)
Assembly required: super glue is recommended


Nearly all of the products featured on UrgeGear.com are crafted out of SAE 304 stainless steel. Quality craftsmanship and rugged durability are of the utmost importance to everyone here at Urge, so we build these products the same way that you would: built to last.

$ 55.00